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What if there is, right now, a way for your business to dominate the top search results in your industry?
amp4lease offers businesses of all sizes a faster AMP implementation along with a complete Search Engines Optimization (SEO) package. Did you notice that Google started bumping AMP sites to the top of Google's mobile search results?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Web Design

The clock is ticking who will be the first to capture those lucartive top search positions for mobile search. Almost 60% of all searches made on mobile devices you can't afford to ignore AMP. We build AMP Web pages that load fast, in fact AMP pages load near instantly and are designed to engage and convert to leads. Are you informed?

Stunning design

First impression is critical with mobile, we evaluate user scenarios based on client profiles and match them with AMP pages that act like funnels. The key is to provide a clear answer to the client's question on search, instantly.

speed is everything!

It is fast, super fast! speed is the most important benefit of AMP, how many times did you skip a site just because it loaded slow for you?


AMP sites require more attention to formating for smaller screens, but that is also the advantage of AMP, it drives action faster!

Instant boost to your google ranking

You now compete in a market with currently no players and almost guaranteed by Google to get mobile users top attention. Moreover AMP is fast and speed is part of the ranking algorithm.

SEO optimized

We have vast experience in optimizing Web pages for search engines like Google and will optimize your AMP pages to correctly get crawled and ranked.

is responsive web design same as amp?

Short answer is no. Responsive Web design is used to best fit your website to various screen sizes such like iPhone or Samsaung Android etc, the idea is similar but AMP web design was created for speed. There are code restrictions and overall AMP developers are expected to work within many more restrictions and code formulations.

AMP is the answer

Has consultants we often asked what is the next big thing with Google, how can we dominate our market, what can we do to battle the competition?

  • Understand what motivates your target audience
  • Create funnels by user profile
  • What are your unique selling propositions?
  • Influence, motivate, drive to call to action
  • Prioritize leads over sales
I am Interested!

what can i expect?

According to Github AMP demonstrated performance improvements of 15%-85% depending on the coding and specifications. This was measured over 3G.

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Powerful AMP features

amp4lease will review the features required for your AMP project together with you before we start the work, here are some of the features you are likely to consider.

user engagement

Our designers will create graphics suitable for AMP and yet high catching and influencing.

capture leads online

Mobile users more than desktop users are action driven. Add ways for users to quickly connect with your business.

click to text or call

Your AMP users are viewing your AMP pages on their mobile devices and are only one click away from texting or calling your business.

+20 Effects

With speed in mind we will use site effects to get the user's attention with AMP code compliance.

HD Videos

Stream your videos in HD on demand over AMP pages.

Map Tracker

Let clients find directions to your business with a click on the map. GPS is optional.

start your amp project today

You are now informed and you have learned about some of the immediate benefits of AMP in a competitive market, so why not lead the opportunity? looking for an affordable quote from the professionals at amp4lease? fill out our contact form or call us at 416-619-7935

Our AMP Commercial

Please enjoy our AMP video commercial while demonstrating video on mobile.

Our AMP Developers

AMP is new to the market, there are not enough developers and marketers working together to develop AMP web pages and correctly optimize and register them. We have invested in training and welcome more AMP developers with proven track record to join our team.

Johnny A.

Senior AMP Developer

Joelle M.

AMP Project Manager

Dan M.

AMP Web Developer

Eran L.

AMP Web Developer

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